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Amazing customer service is crucial for any organization
that depends on its customers to be successful.

Gain Loyal Customers

Customer experience training is crucial for any organization who works with people. Not only does each interaction between employee and customer affect the number of customers retained, but employees with effective customer service skills feel a greater sense of engagement and commitment to their job. These skills make a positive impression in the minds of current and future customers.

Our training provides advanced customer service tips and tools for your organization based on the content area or competency you want to improve. Learn about customer service skills that create positive first impressions, manage customer expectations, build customer loyalty and more by filtering through our training and development courses.

These Courses will help:

Assess customer service
attitudes and set goals for

Make heroes out of your
frontline service people

Amaze customers in every

Build rewarding customer

Upcoming Customer Service Courses

Datum von Do, 15. Nov bis Sa, 17. Nov 2018
Uhrzeit8.30 – 17.30 Uhr
OrtHoliday Inn Zürich-Messe, Wallisellenstrasse 48, 8050 Zürich
Preis 2’840 CHF

Datum von Do, 15. Nov bis Sa, 17. Nov 2018
Uhrzeit8.30 – 17.30 Uhr
OrtHotel NewStar, Breitfeldstrasse 9, 9015 St. Gallen
Preis 2’840 CHF

Datum von Do, 15. Nov bis Sa, 17. Nov 2018
Uhrzeit8.30 – 17.30 Uhr
OrtSorell Hotel Ador, Laupentrasse 15, 3001 Bern
Preis 2’840 CHF

Live your Customer Service now:

The competencies you'll grow:

Interpersonal Skills

Displays a consistent ability to build solid relationships of trust and respect inside and outside of the organization.


Projects an image of maturity and integrity that creates credibility.


Guided by a personal code of ethics. Demonstrates a strong sense of integrity by working in accordance with their personal values.

Training Types

Choose a style of learning


Challenge yourself and improve your career with an immersive learning experience.

Custom Solutions

Dale Carnegie customizes training to your organization and team dynamic.